Construction Update 7/12/19

Watch for New & Changing Traffic Patterns

Last week, crews worked at night to shift traffic and restripe the roadway on Boones Ferry Road between W. Sunset Drive and Bryant Road. Instead of four lanes in this area there are now three: one in each direction and a center turn lane.

This temporary traffic change will give crews room to maneuver and still keep the road open, though at times there will be flaggers and brief delays.

Please plan extra travel time and drive cautiously as the traveling public gets used to this new lane shift. Remember to follow the blue cones and signage to access business driveways in the work zone. Pedestrians – please use the new temporary route delineated with barricades around the work zone.

Upcoming Traffic Changes to Bryant/Firwood/Boones Ferry Intersection

Starting the week of 7/15, the right turn pocket on Firwood Road as it approaches the Boones Ferry intersection will be closed.

Starting the week of 7/22, crews are tentatively scheduled to close the right turn pocket on Bryant Road as it approaches the Boones Ferry intersection. To implement this change, crews will work at night from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. The signal will be temporarily shut down and traffic will be flagged through the intersection. Some existing striping will be removed and new temporary striping will be placed.  Please expect delays and obey flaggers’ directions.

Both of these lane reductions will allow crews to work on the utilities and streetscape work on the southside of Firwood and widening of this portion of Bryant Road at the intersection.

However, with this temporary traffic change at the Bryant/Boones Ferry/Firwood intersection, please plan ahead and expect significant delays. We also encourage you to travel cautiously and use alternate routes if possible.

Demolition Begins!

With the new traffic pattern and work zone now set up, crews have started saw-cutting the roadway, driveways and sidewalks, and clearing and grubbing landscaping in the work zone. Some driveways have been removed and temporarily rocked until they are ready to be permanently poured with new concrete later this summer.

Starting the week of 7/15, crews expect to begin excavating for the new underground joint utility trench.

Tree Removal

Crews are in the final stages of removing trees along the corridor. Intermittent and rolling lane closures continue today 7/12 and tomorrow 7/13 to accommodate equipment between Douglas Way and Bryant Road.  Chain saws and chipper trucks are in operation – they are loud!  Please watch for flaggers to help get you in and out of driveways and follow the blue cones to enter businesses, as they remain open!

A Pride of Peacocks

The infamous peacock pride of Lake Grove/Lake Forest has been thoroughly enjoying sharing a residence with Wildish crews and equipment in the staging yard at the corner of W. Sunset and Boones Ferry. They particularly love welcoming crews to work as they arrive in the mornings. They’ve become great companions and mascots of the project!

Shop Local – Shop Lake Grove!

Our new Lake Grove Open for Business signs are out in the first major work zone, between Bryant Road and Madrona Street. Boones Ferry Road and all its businesses remain open during construction, so come out and support the businesses that support our community! Follow the blue cones and blue signs to enter business driveway points within the work zones.

Active Work Throughout the Corridor

There will be several lane shifts throughout the corridor on this two and a half year project. To minimize impacts, the contractor is aiming to build the major streetscape improvements in three different concentrated portions, working from the southern end (Madrona) to the northern end (Lanewood). The first major work zone, between Madrona and Bryant, is expected to take about nine months. Within this zone, crews plan to work on the west side of the road first, then switch to the east side, and then the middle median. However, due to the complexity of the project, there will be times where multiple crews are actively working throughout the project corridor and on some side streets.

Click here for a project map.

Paving Work on Boones Ferry Road

You’ve probably noticed a lot of work taking place along other parts of Boones Ferry Road and in the Lake Grove area. On lower Boones Ferry Road, paving crews have been installing new curb ramps and catch basins over the last month, and this week they started paving the travel lanes at night. The photo below really shows the side-by-side contrast of the old pavement with the new, and why this roadway needed some TLC.

While it is often challenging for everyone to have concurrent projects overlapping in the same area, we appreciate your patience during this important work of rebuilding our roads!

The paving work on this portion of Boones Ferry Road is expected to be complete by the end of this month, weather permitting.

For more information about other projects in the area, visit:

General Information

Project approved work hours are 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday to Friday, weekends 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. and night work from 10 p.m. – 6 a.m. Most work will take place during the day, but because the project is large and complex, there will be times when work will occur at night. Night activities may include utility shutdowns, setting up traffic shifts, intersection work and paving.

Please note, construction activity and schedules change frequently due to weather, issues in the field, and other variables. Temporary traffic changes are also subject to change. We will do our best to keep you informed through these updates.

For more information, visit, email, or call 503-697-6573. You can also follow the city on social media with #boonesferryproject and #followthebluecones!