Construction Update 8/2/19

Night Work Starting 8/5

Lake Grove Water Line

This project is very complex due to all the coordination efforts and timing/phasing of work that needs to occur with all the different utilities. Wildish (general contractor) is trying to build the major streetscape and road work in sections, but some activities will be under construction concurrently – installing a new water line on Boones Ferry Road and a portion of Bryant Road for the Lake Grove Water District is one example of this. In order for Wildish to build a new storm water line in a section of their current work zone, this water line needs to be installed first to avoid a conflict.

Due to the location of the new water line being in the current travel lanes, this work will be done at night and traffic will be flagged. This work has been rescheduled to start Monday night, 8/5 and continue through August.

Crews now plan to begin installing the water line at the intersection of Bryant Road and Boones Ferry Road, heading south towards Madrona Street. On Monday 8/5 through Wednesday 8/7, the Bryant/Boones Ferry/Firwood traffic signal will be shut off and traffic will be flagged between 10 p.m. – 6 a.m.

The majority of the trench is expected to be backfilled and temporarily paved each night, but there will be some steel plates in the roadway. Neighbors – please also expect an increase in noise and traffic delays during the night work. At times, crews will be saw-cutting the pavement, which can be very loud.

Underground Utility Trench

Crews are coordinating with the utility companies to get started on the underground joint utility trench in the work zone between Madrona and Bryant. They now expected to start this mid-late next week.

The majority of this work is occurring during the daytime. Major utility crossings are expected to be done at night, as well as any work on vaults that need to be installed in the current travel lanes. Any temporary utility shutdowns will be coordinated with customers by each utility company.

During the trench excavation, businesses in the active work zone should expect driveways to remain open, however there may be temporary delays. Crews intend to excavate half at a time to maintain access. Please watch for flaggers and plan extra time.

Demolition of Old Casa del Pollo Shed

Due to the road widening, the Casa del Pollo shed needs to be removed. On Monday, 8/5, a single lane closure will be in place next to Naomi’s Lamps near the Reese Road intersection, to enable NWNatural to disconnect a gas line. Demolition and removal of the shed is now expected to occur next week at night.

Shop Lake Grove – Business Promotional Opportunities!

Are you a business owner or manager on Boones Ferry Road in the project work area? The project team has developed a Shop Lake Grove marketing and promotional support campaign which includes free, city-sponsored promotional opportunities available to eligible businesses, some including:

  • Shop Local/Shop Lake Grove promotional video
  • Participating in a monthly $100 gift card raffle where customers can enter to win a gift card to a participating business of their choice. Raffle promotion would start in September 2019, and would be available through the end of construction (late 2021). Businesses must register to participate.
  • Featured Business Focus’ highlighting a different business located within the current active work zone each month or every other month through the end of construction. First Focus would start in September 2019. Includes a short article or video about the business and what they offer, shared through project listserv or city’s social media.

If your business is interested in participating in any or all of these opportunities, please complete this survey to sign up.

More information about how the project team plans to work with businesses during construction is available here.

New Traffic Configuration

Last week, crews reduced lanes on Firwood and Bryant, restriping a portion of the intersection approaches. There is now one shared left/straight/right turn lane on Bryant and Firwood at Boones Ferry. This is allowing crews to build the needed improvements at this intersection.

Please plan extra travel time and expect delays as you approach this intersection. This traffic change is expected to be in place through late fall.

Temporary Speed Reduction Now in Place

Watch for a speed reduction to 25 MPH on Boones Ferry Road between Washington Crt & Mercantile Dr. This temporary reduction is now in place to help provide a safer environment for the traveling public and construction workers for the Boones Ferry Road Project.

LOPD are patrolling the area. Fines are higher in a construction zone! For everyone’s safety, please travel cautiously along this road.

Truck Haul Routes

For the major construction taking place on Boones Ferry Road, the main haul routes are Boones Ferry Road, Kruse Way and I-5.

However, this project also includes work taking place on several side streets including Madrona, Waluga, Firwood, Bryant, Quarry, Reese, Oakridge, Lanewood and Red Cedar Way. This means there will be some truck taffic on these side streets and other surrounding streets at times in order to enable crews to complete the improvements in these locations. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Temporary Signage Ordinance

Last month, Council adopted an ordinance relaxing temporary sign restrictions for a limited duration for businesses on properties affected by construction of the project. To learn more, visit here.

Overall Schedule

Click here for more information about the overall work plan and schedule. This will be updated as major milestones occur.

For more information, visit, email, or call 503-697-6573. You can also follow the city on social media with #boonesferryproject and #followthebluecones!