Construction Update 8/27/19

Support Your Lake Grove Businesses!

Starting in September and continuing throughout construction, the City of Lake Oswego and Lake Grove Business Association are co-hosting a Shop Lake Grove monthly raffle!

Each month, we will be giving away TWO $100 gift cards to participating businesses located in the project area. Stop by one of these businesses to enter the raffle. Each month the raffle starts fresh, so keep coming back to visit your local businesses to enter each month!

Also, keep an eye out each month for our “Who’s Who on Boones Ferry Road” featured business! Next month we’ll be kicking this off – stay tuned for more information.

If you are a business that is eligible and interested in participating in the Shop Lake Grove campaign, please complete this survey to sign up!

Click here for more information about how the project is supporting businesses during construction, and remember to follow the blue cones.

Latest Construction News

Lake Grove Water Line

Crews are getting ready to clean, disinfect and test the newly installed Lake Grove District water line between Bryant and Madrona Streets. Once the line is cleaned and tested, new service connections will be made for customers. Any customers that will have their water service temporarily shut-off during the reconnections will be notified in advance by Lake Grove Water District.

On Wednesday night 8/28 – Thursday night 8/29, the Bryant/Firwood/Boones Ferry signal will be turned off and traffic will be flagged between 10 p.m. – 6 a.m. Crews will begin working on installing the Lake Grove Water District water line down Bryant Road, between Boones Ferry Road and Sunset Drive.

Due to the location of the new water line being in the current travel lanes, this work is being done at night and traffic is flagged.

Lake Oswego Water Line

Once crews have finished installing the water line on Bryant, they will begin working on installing a new water line for the City of Lake Oswego on Firwood Road between Boones Ferry and Waluga Drive. This work is tentatively expected to start the week of September 9, and take about two or so weeks to complete. Due to high volumes of traffic, this work will be done at night.

New Stormwater Line

In early-mid September, another crew will begin working on installing a new stormwater line between Madrona Street and Bryant Road. This work is expected to be conducted at night.

Underground Utility Trench

Crews are coordinating with the utility companies and are installing new utility vaults and the underground duct bank (conduits) in the work zone between Madrona and Bryant. Due to the discovery of many un-located, abandoned or unknown utilities, this work is progressing slowly. You never really know what you will find until you open up the ground!

The majority of this work is occurring during the daytime. Major utility crossings are expected to be done at night, as well as any work on vaults that need to be installed in the current travel lanes. Any planned temporary utility shutdowns will be coordinated with customers by each utility company.

During the trench excavation, businesses in the active work zone should expect driveways to remain open, however there may be temporary delays during equipment or material deliveries. Crews intend to excavate half of the driveway at a time to maintain access. Please watch for flaggers and plan extra time.

Overall Schedule

Click here for more information about the overall work plan, hours and schedule. This will be updated as major milestones occur.

No work will take place during the day on Monday, September 2, but crews will resume night work on Bryant at 10 p.m. Monday night.

For more information, visit, email, or call 503-697-6573. You can also follow the city on social media with #boonesferryproject and #followthebluecones!