Olson Pediatric Clinic

This month’s Who’s Who on Boones Ferry Road features the Olson Pediatric Clinic!

Founded by Dr. Donald Palmer in the 1970’s, the Olson Pediatric Clinic has been operating in the same Lake Grove location for that entire period. They have a warm and friendly atmosphere, and a caring approach to medicine. The clinic has a long-standing relationship with their patients – many original patients now also bring their kids in as patients.

Currently, the clinic features six providers: Dr. Vinaya Pai, Dr. Barbara Sniffen, Dr. Elizabeth Graff, Dr. Meri Harper, Dr. Brian Kittams, and Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman. These pediatricians provide personalized care with each of their patients and families.

The Olson Pediatric Clinic provides great access – open 364 days a year, weeknights until 7 p.m., Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m., and most holidays. There is an on-site laboratory at the clinic, and they can offer longer appointments for more complex concerns if needed.

Safety is paramount and the clinic is particularly looking forward to better pedestrian access for their patients and families, and safer access for cyclists with the Boones Ferry Road project improvements. Their young patients have been enjoying seeing all the construction equipment, so we dressed up their minion mascot with a safety vest and hard hat as a reminder to be safe and seen!

Stop by to visit the Olson Pediatric Clinic, and check out their brand new website and logo – new look, same great service!

Olson Pediatric Clinic
16463 Boones Ferry Road, Suite 400