Naomi’s Lampshades and Lamps

This month’s Who’s Who on Boones Ferry Road features Naomi’s Lampshades and Lamps!

Established in 1942 in Lake Oswego, Naomi’s Lampshades and Lamps is a local, independently owned, full-service lamp and lampshade store, providing one-of-a-kind high-quality lamps and accessories. With over 8,000 lampshades available – and all American made – Naomi’s is the biggest lampshade supplier on the west coast. They also provide expert lamp repair and restoration, parts and accessories for all your lamp products (including the largest supply of finials), and custom lampshade and lamp design – often incorporating sentimental parts supplied by customers.

Naomi’s owners, Celina and Mark Williams, have operated the business for seven years, following from three previous owners who all retired at the store over its 77 year operation. They feel fortunate to operate a business that has been in the community for such a long time, having served multiple generations of Lake Oswego and Oregon residents.

Mark and Celina Williams have owned and operated Naomi’s for seven years

Celina has a special love for design. She particularly enjoys making her customers’ dream projects a reality. A fan of fixing anything and everything, Mark enjoys repairing lamps (and often other items!), but also making new and unique products. There is a running joke among Naomi’s customers that if Naomi’s cannot fix it, no one can.

Naomi’s staff have made some quirky and unique projects in their time, including incorporating baby shoes, glass cups, and shotguns or even making an Adam’s Family themed lamp for a Halloween party. One of their most spectacular projects was fixing and restoring the Swarovski crystal candelabras and lighting for the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in downtown Portland. Mark’s most memorable repair was restoring a chandelier to its original shape and beauty that was damaged during Hurricane Katrina.

Celina and Mark are looking forward to the new, fresh look the Boones Ferry Road project will bring to Lake Grove and to serving the new residents moving to the community.

At Naomi’s, they say that if you stand in the store long enough, they can turn you into a lamp! So come on by, bring in your old lampshade for a refresh, or see if they can make something special incorporating a sentimental item from your childhood or a unique keepsake! The friendly staff at Naomi’s are here to help make your dream project a reality!

They are also participating in our monthly Shop Lake Grove raffle, so be sure to drop off an entry card in the box.

Naomi’s Lamps and Lampshades
15942 Boones Ferry Road