Construction Update 5/1/20

This is a long overdue update. Please know although we haven’t sent an update out in a while, things have not slowed down on the project. In fact, they have ramped up dramatically since early March.

COVID-19 and Construction

Under the governor’s stay home save lives executive order, your road construction is considered an essential operation. Our goal has been to continue making progress every day on essential infrastructure that is part of the Boones Ferry Road project improvements. We are thankful to provide work for our contractors and deliver vital services to the community. Stormwater systems, water lines, utilities, roadway pavement, traffic control devices, lighting, pedestrian crossings, sidewalks – all essential infrastructure that are becoming even more critical during the current public health crisis.

Since COVID-19, our contractor and team have actually accelerated work in areas where they were previously restricted. Due to the school closures, the contractor has been able to begin working on the new traffic signal at the Lake Grove Elementary School/Lanewood Street, and begin realigning the school driveway. This work was originally scheduled to take place later this year during summer break.

Also, given traffic has been significantly reduced, the contractor expanded their work zone further north and has been doing more work during the day.

Project staff and crews are continuing to adhere to the executive order and maintain physical distancing guidelines in the field and site offices.

What’s been happening since mid-March?

A lot! Here are just some of the activities that have taken place:

Undergrounding Utilities

PGE has been on site in the southern portion between Bryant Road and Madrona Street, pulling in their cables, moving transformers, and has completed their switch over connections for customers to the new underground lines in this area.

The communications companies have also been installing what they can into their new facilities and switching customers’ connections.  NW Natural has almost completed switching over customers from the old gas line to the newly installed gas line.

While utility companies have been working in the southern area, the contractor has continued progressing north towards the school with the underground joint utility trench and conduit installation.


The majority of new stormwater pipe has been installed throughout the length of the project.


The contractor has also recently installed portions of a new water line between Bryant Road and Reese Road. The contractor will begin working on the remaining water line installation over the coming weeks.

Sidewalks, Curbs and Walls

Sidewalks from Firwood Road to Madrona Street on the west side (Keller Williams side) have been installed.  Most of the walls on the project are now complete – two remain.

Curbs and gutter on Firwood Road, in front of Albertsons, along Quarry Road, and at the new Lake Grove Elementary School driveway were also installed last week.

Signals and Lighting

In late March, the contractor expanded their work zone further north to Douglas Way, including the temporary traffic configuration of one lane in each direction and a center turn lane.

Since then, they have started working on the new traffic signal at the school driveway, and realigning the driveway. Work has also continued to progress on installing the new street light pole foundations and illumination conduit.

What’s coming up?


PGE’s next step is to remove the overhead wiring. Once PGE has removed their aerial wires, the communication companies will then be able to remove the remainder of their wires. (There is a hierarchy for the order in which the facilities can be removed). Once all the wiring is removed, PGE will then remove the poles.

The contractor will continue their undergrounding effort of installing the infrastructure (conduit and vaults) in the northern section, in anticipation of PGE and the telecommunications companies to begin their switchover. They are aiming to be complete with the undergrounding preparation work in the next month or so.

Once PGE is finished in the southern portion, they will likely move into the northern section and repeat the process all the way to the Lake Grove Elementary School.

Traffic Switch & Signal Installation

The contractor will continue work on the new signal at Lanewood Street, with the goal of having the new signalized intersection activated in early fall (before school returns).

Once the power poles are removed in the southern portion, crews will pave and install a temporary traffic signal at Bryant/Boones Ferry/Firwood. This will enable the widening work at the Bryant Road intersection to continue.

Pole removal will also allow crews to then shift the travel lanes over to the west side and begin working on the east portion along the Lake Grove Shopping Center frontage. Stay tuned for more information on when this traffic shift will occur.

Stormwater and Water Work

Over the coming weeks, crews will continue to work on installing portions of stormwater and water lines in the northern section of the project, and stormwater facility planters on Red Cedar Way, and on Boones Ferry Road between Douglas Way and Lanewood Street.

Sidewalks, Curbs, Grading and Walls

Now the curbs are installed along the Albertsons’ frontage, the contractor will be able to work on the sidewalk construction. Two retaining walls remain in the northern portion, and will be poured over the coming weeks.

Once the waterline and gas lines are complete up to Reese Road, the contractor will grade the roadway for curb, gutter, and sidewalk on the eastside (McDonald’s side) from Bryant Road to Reese Road.

Work Hours

There has still been ongoing day and night work throughout the project area. When work is occurring at night, traffic is flagged and shifted to one lane. Thank you to all residents, businesses and property owners for your continued patience with the construction and impacts.

Support Your Businesses

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, the Shop Lake Grove raffle and featured business video promotional campaign are on HOLD. If you are a business that is participating, please keep your boxes stored in a safe place with the entry cards in them. We will revisit how to approach or relaunch this again in the future.

We will continue to support businesses and work with you throughout the project, and we encourage residents and customers to support businesses too! Many are still open or offering alternative options for pick-up or delivery during this time.

Open for Business List

In addition, to promote and support our local economy, the City has created a list of local Lake Oswego businesses that are open and providing essential services during the COVID-19 crisis. We encourage you (businesses or residents that know a business!) to add your information to the list by filling out the survey:

The ‘Open for Business’ list is available on the City’s coronavirus website under “Business & Employee Resources.” Here is a direct link: The list is updated frequently with new additions.

More Information

For more information about schedule and work hours, click here.

You can also email, call 503-697-6573 and follow the city on social media with #boonesferryproject and #followthebluecones.