Construction Update 6/3/20

An Exciting Partial Milestone!

Notice anything different recently, in the area on Boones Ferry Road south of Bryant Road? The overhead utility poles are gone!

In mid-May, PGE and telecommunications utilities completed their service switchovers and removed the overhead poles between Madrona and Bryant. While we’re still progressing in the northern portion with undergrounding, it is exciting to see this partial milestone occur in this southern portion of the project!

Watch this quick video recap!

Crews continue installing the main underground joint utility trench in the northern portion.

They expect to complete this work in the next month or so. Once all the vaults and conduit are installed in this portion, the utility companies will return to begin their final switchover!

Temporary Traffic Signal – Bryant x Boones Ferry x Firwood

After the utility poles were removed in the southern portion, crews were able to install a new temporary traffic signal at the Bryant x Boones Ferry x Firwood intersection.

This is needed in order to switch travel lanes and continue work in the south. It will also allow crews to deactivate and remove the existing signal and begin installing the new traffic signal poles at this widened intersection.

New Traffic Switch – Scheduled for Thursday Night 6/4

Weather permitting, starting Thursday night 6/4, the work zone south of Bryant Road is expected to change. Between Bryant Road and Madrona Streets, traffic will be shifted onto the west side of the road, so crews can begin working on the east side improvements and widening. Watch the video to learn more.

The temporary traffic configuration of one lane in each direction plus a center turn lane will remain.  Some existing striping will be removed and new temporary striping placed. Please watch for changing traffic patterns and plan some extra time through the work zone as the traveling public gets used to the change.

Crews expect to begin demolishing the existing sidewalks and pavement to prepare for widening in this area the week beginning 6/8.

Other Miscellaneous Work

  • Forming and pouring concrete for new curbs, gutters, sidewalks and stormwater planters on the east side (McDonald’s) between Bryant and Reese Road is expected to occur over the coming months.
  • Handrail is being installed on some retaining walls.

  • Quarry Road between Boones Ferry Road and Oakridge Road remains closed. Crews are working on the traffic island and plan to pave the area in mid-June.

  • The newly installed waterline in the area between Bryant and Reese Road is being pressure tested. Installation of new water meters will follow.
  • NW Natural is progressing with relocating their gas line north of Reese Road. Once this is complete, crews will continue installing the waterline north of Reese Road.
  • Crews are making progress installing portions of stormwater and water lines in the most northern section of the project, and stormwater facility planters on Red Cedar Way, Lanewood Street, and on Boones Ferry Road between Douglas Way and Lanewood Street.
  • Stormwater work on Bryant Road remains. Once this is complete, crews can complete the widening on Bryant as it approaches Boones Ferry Road.

Work Hours

Ongoing day work and intermittent night work continues throughout the project area. When work is occurring at night, traffic is flagged and shifted to one lane. Any night work occurring in or near the signalized intersections requires flagged traffic. Thank you to all residents, businesses and property owners for your continued patience with the construction and impacts.

Follow the Blue Cones

Please continue to support your local businesses. Follow the blue cones and signage to access driveways.

More Information

For more information about schedule and work hours, click here.

You can also email, call 503-697-6573 and follow the city on social media with #boonesferryproject and #followthebluecones.