The Bar Method

This month’s featured Who’s Who on Boones Ferry Road features The Bar Method LO!

Beth Hutchison, owner of The Bar Method LO, believes that nothing is impossible. After initially trying a bar method workout in 2012, Beth fell in love with the intricate intense movements and stretching. Beth candidly confesses she “drank the cool aid,” subsequently quitting her job in corporate America and opening her own bar method franchise in Lake Oswego in 2016.

Founded 20 years ago, The Bar Method is the original bar workout. Everything is based on dance conditioning, physical therapy and functional movement. Their core value is to empower people to be the best version of themselves.

Beth loves operating a business in Lake Oswego because she feels like it is a family. They get to know their clients, about their kids, and what’s going on in their lives and that makes them feel more connected to the community.

Once the transformation is complete on Boones Ferry Road, Beth is excited to use the extra signals and new crosswalks – not just for safety and traffic flow, but to get across the street to other businesses in the area!

Like everyone, The Bar Method has been hit hard by the pandemic. When they were originally shutdown in spring 2020, they immediately switched to virtual services. This happened again with the second shutdown in November, which continues today. They run classes 7 days a week, with multiple live options per day and they also offer on-demand classes.

When they were able to reopen to in-person workouts for a short period in 2020, they followed all the safety guidelines from CDC and OHA – no contact environment, everyone is masked, equipment is sanitized, everyone stays 6 feet away, and the instructors don’t touch anyone. They’ll follow this same guidance again when they can reopen to in-person services.

A fun bright spot from the pandemic was their kids bar program that they created. Elementary aged kids were able to partake in modified bar exercises, PE exercises and a mindfulness moment for them to stretch and decompress from screen time during distanced learning. They’re excited to bring kids bar back when they reopen.

Beth’s advice: if you’ve never tried the bar method before, try not to be intimidated, just give it a shot and take the next step! You’ll find an incredibly supportive environment where everyone is rooting for your success – whatever that may be!

Take a virtual class today, or go for in-person when they reopen!

The Bar Method Lake Oswego
15780 Boones Ferry Road, Lake Oswego