Lake Music

This month’s Who’s Who on Boones Ferry Road features Lake Music.

Established in 1970, Lake Music is proud to be a longstanding local business that inspires people to enjoy music and encourages people to want to play and listen to music. Raised in Lake Oswego, Tim Smither is a second generation owner of Lake Music. He is honored to carry on the legacy his dad started in 1970, and it’s no wonder why: music is in his blood. Tim’s grandfather had a music academy in Astoria and his great grandmother taught music out of her home.

Lake Music is the hub for music in LO. They offer lessons, rentals, and repairs, and they sell instruments, books and accessories. They are also building a new recording studio at the store! Lake Music’s goal is to make music accessible to everyone, and there is no age limit – kids as young as three are taking lessons at the store. As Tim shares, anybody can make music, you just got to start!

Although it was a tough adjustment shifting lessons to online services, Lake Music used the COVID-19 quarantine time as a time for growth, transformation and rebirth of the store. They restocked the business, opened new accounts with distributors, changed the organizational structure, and rebranded the store.

Part of that rebranding includes a focus on four key words: Learn, Love, Play, Local. Lake Music feels these are great words to keep you happy, respecting others and live your life to the fullest extent.

Not only has Tim’s family been part of Lake Oswego for 51 years, Tim’s dad played a part in the planning and development of the Boones Ferry project. Lake Music is excited to see it actually happening, becoming a physical reality. Lake Oswego continues to grow, and they are looking forward to seeing how the project improves traffic flow. Tim believes the smartest decision was adding the new signalized intersection and crossings at the Lake Grove Elementary school to help ensure safety for kids.

If you ask Tim why he is passionate about music, he’ll say that he doesn’t know one person in this world that doesn’t like music. The level of connection you can have with music is incredible. Music has been around since the dawn of time, and Lake Music is happy to be part of a small slice of the benefit of music to communities and people.

Stop by to check out their revamped store, or sign-up for a virtual or in-person lesson today!

Lake Music
15560 Boones Ferry Road, Lake Oswego