This month’s Who’s Who on Boones Ferry Road features Kumon Math and Reading of Lake Grove!

Debbie Siegel, owner of Kumon Lake Grove, started the learning center in 2003 when she wanted to build academic enrichment for her own daughters. Kumon offers preschool through high school tutoring help in both reading and math. Together they try to prepare kids for school, and being self-sufficient in high school.

Kumon as a company has been in operation for 63 years. Active in 50 countries, Kumon is very well-respected overall worldwide.

Because Kumon is an international program, Debbie and her staff see a lot of kids from all over the world. At Kumon Lake Grove, as a staff they speak seven languages, so they are here to serve people from everywhere. Debbie loves that it’s a really fun chance to get to know kids from all over the world and their families.

When the pandemic hit, Debbie switched all services to online. Recently, they started offering in-person two days a week, but they are still offering online options seven days a week.  A lot of families have liked the online option, not only because it was safer, but it was also more convenient.

When you ask Debbie about what she loves about owning a business in Lake Grove, she shares that it is having that sense of community and sense of place. She is seeing it be illustrated right now with the project’s little pieces and decorative accents that are going in. In conjunction with the construction, a lot of owners have also done something different to make their businesses more welcoming. Debbie is most looking forward to seeing families and kids coming in from the neighborhoods more, and especially having a new signal at her driveway across from McDonald’s!  

To help families and support kids in catching up, Debbie has waived registration fees since the start of the pandemic. Families can enroll at any time and most lessons are one-on-one.  

Visit Kumon’s website or call to sign-up for an orientation session!

Kumon Math and Reading of Lake Grove
16063 Boones Ferry Road, Lake Oswego