Art Heads

This month’s Who’s Who on Boones Ferry Road features Art Heads Custom Framing!

When you come across Art Heads Custom Framing in Lake Oswego, you will likely meet store manager, Karen Fox. A humble framer of 40 years, Karen won first place in an international framing competition for best frame/print and best shadow box.

Art Heads in Lake Oswego has been operating for almost 20 years. It’s a small little store and neighborhood shop.

Everyone who works at Art Heads is an accomplished framer. Karen is a gilder, so she can do gold leaf and silver leaf. She also does great shadow boxes, which she particularly enjoys. They can do some wood finishing, oil paint restoration, hand finish frames or make repairs. They seem to offer a lot of things that other framing shops don’t. Here is one shadow box Karen recently created for a client.

You can tell Karen loves her job and making clients happy. She wakes up in the morning and is happy to go to work. She feels the best part of working at Art Heads is the clientele, helping them with framing their artwork or memories – you create a bond with your client and their stories can break your heart.

During the pandemic, Art Heads saw an increase in customers who were bringing in old pieces that may have been left in the attic or needed some TLC. Karen also shares that since the road project started, she has received more customers because their store visibility has increased. She noticed that when her parking lot was looking busy and she was getting a lot of new customers, so too was Sherwin Williams across the street – many people were working on home projects and she has loved meeting new clients.

Karen has spent time not only working in Lake Oswego but living here. She is excited for the transformation of the road. Her analogy: “it’s like putting a new frame on an old piece, this artwork that has been hanging in your home and you love it, but the frame is dated and maybe chipped. It’s like that with the road, with Boones Ferry Road.” She feels it is going to revitalize the whole area, and she is particularly excited for the new signal and crosswalk at Lanewood Street intersection.

Be sure to stop in and see Karen at Art Heads for all your framing needs!

Art Heads Custom Framing
15630 Boones Ferry Road, Suite #4