The primary purpose of the Committee was to advise and make recommendations to the Project Team on the design of streetscape elements. The design of these elements reflected the intent of the Lake Grove Village Center Plan, and incorporated materials and design features reflecting Lake Grove’s natural environment including mature native trees, water and stone. The streetscape elements include, but are not limited to:

  • street lighting
  • street trees
  • sidewalks
  • landscaping
  • medians
  • crosswalks
  • street furniture
  • public art
  • public signage

The Committee advised the Project Team on the scope of work for the project and on engineering design issues that had direct implications on the street’s function and aesthetic qualities, in particular stormwater quality facilities and traffic design.

The Committee also advised the Project Team during the pre-construction phase regarding construction traffic management and impacts as well as any possible design changes occurring after the engineering phase.

Lastly, Committee members assisted in communicating aspects of the project to other stakeholders including property owners, business owners, tenants, and residents. Committee members also helped communicate aspects of the project to the Lake Grove Business Association, adjacent neighborhood associations and the City Council.

City staff and the project team supported the Committee by providing reasonable and appropriate information so that Committee members were able to adequately consider design issues, make recommendations, and effectively communicate project information with stakeholders.

Coming your way: a safer, more appealing Boones Ferry Road for all