Construction started in June 2019 and is expected to continue through the end of 2021. Construction schedules change frequently due to weather, issues in the field, and other variables. Temporary traffic changes are also subject to change. There will be several lane shifts throughout the corridor on this two and half year project. For the latest information, visit the project updates page or sign up to the e-newsletter.

Active Work & Multiple Crews throughout the corridor

There will be times where multiple crews are actively working throughout the project corridor and on some side streets. Click here for a project map.

One of the first major construction tasks is to move utility lines underground, then remove utility poles to make room for new street features.

Overall Work Plan

To minimize impacts, Wildish (the general contractor) was originally  aiming to build the major streetscape improvements in three different concentrated portions, working from the southern end (Madrona) to the northern end (Lanewood) of the project. Within each of these portions, crews were planning to work on the west side, then switch to the east side and then complete the middle median before moving onto the next portion.

Due to the complexity of the project, frequent discovery of unknown or conflicting utilities, long lead times for signal poles and challenges with undergrounding multiple utilities, this work plan sequence has changed. However, our main priorities remain – minimizing impacts to businesses by maintaining access, maintaining pedestrian access, and keeping the traffic flowing. Read on for more information.

Utility Undergrounding (Power, Communications) – West Side (Keller Williams/Alberstons)

Since summer, crews have been primarily focused on installing the underground utility trench and vaults on Boones Ferry Road between Madrona and Bryant Roads. Once crews have finished installing all the underground conduit and vaults in this first section, each of the utility companies will arrive to pull their lines, configure their vaults, switch over services, and remove power poles. This utility switchover operation is expected to take a few months to complete. Some of this work will take place during the day, and some at night.

In order to keep the contractor progressing while the utility companies conduct their switch over in the first section, Wildish’s crews plan to continue working north towards Oakridge Road. They will excavate the underground utility trench, installing conduits and vaults on the west side of the road (Albertson’s/Banner Bank/Riccardo’s side). This work is expected to be conducted at night with lane closures and flaggers.

Gas, Illumination, Stormwater, Water, Streetscape Work – East Side (Key Bank/Healthy Pet)

While the contractor’s crews progress north on the utility undergrounding portion at night on the west side,  they will also set up a new work zone on the east side. This will result in extending the new temporary traffic configuration on Boones Ferry Road from W. Sunset Drive to Reese Road. Instead of four lanes there will be three: one lane in each direction, plus a center turn lane. This traffic change will give crews room to maneuver and still keep the road open, but at times there will be flaggers and brief delays with equipment.

Crews will be installing a new gas line, illumination conduit, water line and stormwater line; excavating and grading for the new sidewalks; and installing retaining walls, new illumination poles and new signal poles.

Truck Haul Routes

For the major construction taking place on Boones Ferry Road, the main haul routes are Boones Ferry Road, Kruse Way and I-5.

However, this project also includes work taking place on several side streets including Madrona, Waluga, Firwood, Bryant, Quarry, Reese, Oakridge, Lanewood and Red Cedar Way. This means there will be some truck traffic on these side streets and other surrounding streets at times in order to enable crews to complete the improvements in these locations. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Work Hours

Project approved work hours are 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Monday to Friday, weekends 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. and night work from 10 p.m. – 6 a.m. Due to the complexity of this project, work is taking place during the day and night. Night activities include any major excavation in the travel lanes, utility shutdowns, setting up traffic shifts, intersection work, utility crossings and paving.


Coming your way: a safer, more appealing Boones Ferry Road for all