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Planning Consultant Services for House Bill 2001 Middle Housing Code and Comprehensive Plan Updates


The City of Lake Oswego is seeking an experienced consultant to conduct research and analysis related to future amendments to the Lake Oswego Comprehensive Plan and Community Development Code (CDC) that comply with the provisions of House Bill 2001 (HB 2001) regarding middle housing.

The City has been awarded a Planning Assistance Grant from the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) and has budgeted additional funds to conduct research and analysis in order to prepare conceptual alternatives for Comprehensive Plan and CDC amendments that comply with the middle housing requirements for large and metro cities under HB 2001. Additional scope of the project includes ensuring that recommendations for HB 2001 compliance address the varying neighborhood conditions in Lake Oswego through an in-depth study of existing neighborhood character. The final deliverables for this project are intended to provide a baseline of information with which to conduct a neighborhood outreach process and guide discussions with Lake Oswego residents on how HB 2001 should be implemented locally.

The desired consultant team skills include the following:

  • Demographic research and analysis;
  • Housing policy;
  • Development code writing;
  • GIS;
  • Comprehensive land use planning; and
  • Urban design.

City staff will lead future public involvement and provide planning, public finance, GIS, and engineering expertise.

The full Request for Proposals is available free of charge:

Online. To download the full Request for Proposals and receive all notifications a person or company must register and add your individual name or company to the Planholder’s list. See for instructions on how to create an account. If you have questions concerning the website, please call Barb Dillinger at 503.635.0296.

RFP Amendments / Proposal Submittal

Parties interested in submitting a proposal must register through the City of Lake Oswego Bid & RFP webpage and select themselves to be on the Planholder’s list for this project. See for instructions on how to create account.

Questions or comments regarding the RFP should be directed to: Questions must be submitted in writing and received by Friday, September 18, 2020 by 3:00 PM.

RFP Amendments:  Any amendments to the RFP will be posted to the City’s Bid & RFP webpage not less than 7 days prior to the date for submission of proposals.  Persons/firms that are registered on the planholder’s list for this project will be sent an email notice of any RFP amendment. Persons/firms are responsible for checking the City’s Bid & RFP webpage for this project to verify that the proposer has received all RFP amendments prior to submission. No proposal will be considered if it is not responsive to any issued RFP amendments.
Submittal: Parties interested in submitting a proposal must submit the proposal in PDF format to

Advertised in the Daily Journal of Commerce:  Wednesday, September 9 and Monday, September 14, 2020

Reference #

PP 19-0008


Closed - no longer accepting bids and proposals

Due Date

Mon, Oct 5th, 2020 3:00pm

Details and Notifications

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