DEI Advisory Board

The DEI Advisory Board will advise City Council about ways to increase engagement in diverse communities. In addition, the Advisory Board or its members will also:

Collaborate with the community, Council and staff to implement the DEI Task Force's recommendations and create long-term Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals;

Advise the Public Information Office and Communications Team on methods of inclusive outreach and communicating to diverse groups;

Promote the City's efforts to engage diverse populations within the boards and commissions, neighborhood associations and other civic volunteer structures; and

Participate as voting members of interview panels for boards and commissions recruitment.

Membership & Qualifications

The DEI Advisory Board is an advisory body appointed by the City Council made up of nine members of the community, each appointed for three-year term.

Any interested person may be appointed to the DEI Advisory Board. No less than a majority of the members of the Advisory Board shall be residents of the City of Lake Oswego. Any members not residing in the City shall reside within the City's Urban Services Boundary. Members must have knowledge, competence, or interest in the Advisory Board's mission and duties to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. Appointments will endeavor to include representatives of diverse backgrounds.

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