Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is the fiscal planning board of the City. It consists of the governing body (City Council) and an equal number of legal voters (citizen members of the Budget Committee) appointed by the Council. Lake Oswego therefore has 14 committee members, and the votes of all the members are equal. State law (ORS 294.336) mandates a budget committee for all Oregon local governments.

Meetings broadcast online

The Budget Committee Meetings are televised on Tualatin Valley Community Television (TVCTV) Channel 23, 28 or 30. Visit TVCTV.org for up-to-date playback times and channels.

If you are out of the area the evening of a Budget Committee meeting, you can still watch meetings live via live streaming video. Visit: http://www.lakeoswego.city/boc/streaming-media.  You can also stream prior Budget Committee and other meetings on that site.

Budget Committee Meetings and Members

In the Spring of each year, the Budget Committee meets to review the proposed budget rendered by the City Budget Officer (in Lake Oswego, this is the City Manager). The meetings are open to the public and input from the public is received at the meetings. The committee may approve the proposed budget intact, or change part or all of it prior to final approval.  After the Budget Committee reviews and recommends changes, if any, and notices and publications are filed according to law, the budget is forwarded to the Council, where a public hearing is held before formal adoption prior to June 30.  Council can adopt the budget as approved or vote on changes prior to adoption.

The fiscal powers of the Budget Committee are:

  • Specify the amount of property tax revenue and/or tax rates
  • Establish maximum total expenditures for each fund
  • Approve the total property taxes levied as an amount and/or rate
  • Approve the budget for adoption by the City Council

The members of the City of Lake Oswego Budget Committee are:

  • Seven City Council Members
    • Kent Studebaker, Mayor
    • Theresa Kohlhoff
    • John LaMotte
    • Jackie Manz
    • Daniel Nguyen
    • Skip O'Neill
    • John Wendland
  • Seven Citizen Members
    • Al Calabria
    • Steve Dodds
    • Charles Erekson
    • Gerry Good
    • Scott Havens
    • Maulin Patel
    • Aaron Rapf

For questions about appointments to the Budget Committee, contact Kam Frederickson, Finance Department at 503-635-0254. Click here to learn of any vacancies and for application information.

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