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Posted on: Mar 27 2020 - 4:46pm

Mulder House, Circa 1927

Mulder House, Circa 1927

Location: 316 North Point Road

Joseph and Emma Mulder owned the property from 1927 to 1939.  Mr. Mulder was an insurance salesman for the Mutual Life Insurance Company and actively participated in community clubs and organizations.  The Mulder’s sold it to Willett and Marguerite Lake who owned it for the following thirty years.

This house is an excellent example of the Arts and Crafts style. This house was also designed by local architect Richard Sundeleaf.  The asymmetrical plan with numerous projections, and the rustic shingles, multi-light windows, and the heavy timber supports are reminiscent of the form and detail of the medieval architecture.

The two-story Mulder-Lake House has a roughly L-shaped plan with an irregular footprint due to multiple bays extending from the house in several locations. The house is capped with a steeply pitched cross-gable roof. The main body of the building parallels the property’s shoreline on Lake Oswego, and a long gable-roofed wing with a lower ridge extends toward North Point Road from the rear (southeast side) of the house. As with many houses constructed on a waterfront, the main façade of the house appears to face the water, with the landward side of the house designed as a secondary façade.