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Posted on: Apr 7 2020 - 8:55am

Shepard House, Circa 1918

Shepard House, Circa 1918

Location: 1515 Cherry Ln

The house has many noteworthy character-defining features of the English Cottage style, including its asymmetrical form, steeply pitched, clipped-gable roof and red clay tile roof, an uncommon material in Lake Oswego’s extant early-twentieth-century houses.

The main façade of the house is defined by a full-width recessed porch supported by square and rectangular stucco-clad posts that are flush with the main façade. Small paired windows on the second floor are shaded by cloth awnings. The house has two large gable and two wide shed wall dormers on either side of the main ridge. The ell extending from the west corner of the house has a gable roof of similar pitch, but with a lower ridge than the main house and side gables. A large, prominently placed three-flue chimney rises on the northeast side of the house. A secondary chimney rises from a similar gable placed farther back on the southwest side of the house. The stucco-clad garage on the west side of the house has two bays and is capped with a side-gable jerkinhead roof clad with red clay tiles that match those on the main house.