Library Advisory Board

The Library Advisory Board makes recommendations to the Library Director and City Council on matters related to library services, policies, and funding.  Members engage in long-range planning for library services and are charged with upholding the right of all citizens to full access to information.

Meeting Information

The Library Advisory Board meets the second Wednesday of the month at 7pm in the Lake Oswego Public Library.

Eligibility & Membership

The Library Advisory Board consists of seven regular members serving staggered three-year terms, plus one youth member appointed to a one-year term.  All members must live within the Lake Oswego Urban Services Boundary.  To see the Urban Service Boundary on LOMap, click 'Layers', then 'Boundaries', then 'USB'.

2022-23 Members

Chair – Kent Watson (term expires 6/24)
Vice Chair – Pat Walls (term expires 6/23)
Antoinette Awuakye (term expires 6/24)
Mark Pontarelli (term expires 6/23)
Ed Steinberg (term expires 6/24)
Sherry Swackhamer (term expires 6/25)
Patrick Walsh (term expires 6/25)

Youth Member – Genevieve Nguyen (term expires 6/23)
Youth Member – Allison Korkola (term expires 6/23)

Alternate – Anna Maher (term expires 6/23)
Alternate – Sarah Born (term expires 6/23)

City Council Liaison – Massene Mboup

Staff Liaison – Melissa Kelly, Library Director

Contact Information

Melissa Kelly
Library Director

Nell Diamond
Administrative Assistant

Upcoming Events

Library Advisory Board

Jun 14 2023 - 7:00pm