About the Planning Commission

The Planning Commission  is a seven-member citizen advisory body appointed by the City Council. It meets regularly each month to review long range planning issues, neighborhood planning, and amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and implementing ordinances. The Planning Commission focuses on land use policy issues and makes recommendations to the City Council on such issues, based on criteria outlined in the City's Comprehensive Plan and Community Development Code.

The Commission for Citizen Involvement

The City Council has designated the Lake Oswego Planning Commission as the Commission for Citizen Involvement (CCI) (Lake Oswego Code Section 12.51.025).  Each CCI member is appointed to the CCI simultaneously with appointment to the Planning Commission and is to serve on the CCI as long as his or her term in office on the Planning Commission.  The Commission for Citizen Involvement serves to assist with the development of a program that promotes and enhances citizen involvement in land use planning; assist in the implementation of the citizen involvement program; and evaluate the process being used for citizen involvement. The Planning Commission reserves time on every agenda to meet if needed as the CCI, and holds an annual meeting each winter or spring to review the Citizen Involvement Guidelines and program.

All members of the Planning Commission/Commission for Citizen Involvement are required to file an Annual Verified Statement of Economic Interest with the Oregon Government Ethics Commission.  Additional information is available from the OCEC

Planning Commission Goals for 2023

The Planning Commission will hold Work Session #1 on Tuesday, October 25, 2022, to review the status of the Commission‘s 2022 Goals and receive input on potential goals for 2023. On January 9, 2023, the Commission will hold Work Session #2 to review and approve its 2023 goals for Council consideration.

Work session documents are available in the "Public Records Folder".

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