LU 23-0001: Psilocybin Time, Place and Manner Regulations

City Council directed staff and the Planning Commission to develop a time, place and manner ordinance for review and recommendation to City Council, so that the regulations would be ready for adoption and effective before licenses would be issued. This includes the possibility that City Council could repeal the ordinance before the deadline for placing a measure on next general election ballot.  Thus, as the Planning Department did for marijuana facilities, during the period of the ban, the development of a TPM ordinance – including public hearings by the Planning Commission and City Council – needs to occur in June-July.


Project Background / Summary: 

Measure 109 legalized and regulated the manufacture, sale, and administration of psilocybin in Oregon.  The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) began taking license applications on January 2, 2023. Cities may opt-out of licenses being issued for manufacturers and services centers within the City. Accordingly, on December 6, 2023, the City Council adopted Ordinance 2903 (ORS 475A) temporarily prohibiting psilocybin facilities. This temporary ban must be referred to the City’s voters at the next statewide general election (November 5, 2024) unless the Council adopts an ordinance repealing the prohibition before the election.


Project Updates: 



On Monday, February 27, the Commission will host an expert panel on psilocybin manufacturing and treatment services in Oregon. The panel consists of representatives from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Oregon Health Sciences University, the City of Lake Oswego Police Department, and the Healing Advocacy Fund. 

Please note, that no public comment will be accepted during the panel discussion. 




On Monday, January 23, the Commission will review background and provide direction to staff on developing time, place and manner (TPM) regulations for psilocybin services and manufacturers. To visit the meeting webpage click here. The agenda will be available ten days prior to the hearing on the meeting webpage, click here.

This meeting is available to the public on the City's YouTube Channel, on the City's website, or on Tualatin Valley Community Television. If you would like to comment or testify at an upcoming meeting, please refer to the City’s instructions for in-person and electronic(link is external) (online or by phone). In order to testify electronically online or by phone, you are required to register by 12:00 noon the day of the meeting; registration will be available 10 days prior to the hearing. Pre-registration online is not required to testify in-person at City Hall, but is encouraged and appreciated for meeting preparation.








Project Details
LU 23-0001
City of Lake Oswego (A)
Project Contact: 

Scot Siegel, Community Development Director
(503) 699-7474 or 

Reviewing Body: 
Meeting Date: 
Monday, January 23, 2023 - 6:30pm
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