Natural Resources Program & Sensitive Lands Revisions - Revised Public Review Draft Now Available

Posted Fri, 06/26/2015 - 10:50am

A revised public review draft of proposed updates to the City’s Comprehensive Plan and Community Development Code, pertaining to the City’s Natural Resources Program and Sensitive Lands regulations, is now available.

The City is proposing a new Comprehensive Plan chapter, entitled Healthy Ecosystems, to update current Plan provisions under Goal 5 (Open Spaces, Scenic and Natural Resources), Goal 6 (Air Resources Quality), and Goal 15 (Willamette River Greenway). The City is also proposing to revise its Sensitive Lands regulations and adopt code incentives to property owners for habitat protection and enhancement, consistent with the Healthy Ecosystems chapter. This work implements the City Council goal to adopt changes to the Development Code to implement the reform of regulations on ‘sensitive lands.’ (The Sensitive Lands code changes affect LOC 50.05.010; LOC; and other code cross-references.)  During May 2015, the City received written comments from Metro, and the State of Oregon Departments of Land Conservation and Development, Environmental Quality, and Fish and Wildlife. The agencies were concerned that the prior proposal did not meet State land use planning requirements and water quality protection standards, particularly for riparian areas (streamside buffers) and wildlife habitat. The revised Public Review Draft (“Option 2”) responds to the agencies’ comments and reflects the City Council’s direction.

The revised public review draft of the proposed Plan and Code changes, including online maps, and other information about this project can be found at:

The Planning Commission will review public comment on the draft proposal when it meets on July 27, 2015.  (Please see the instructions in the public review draft document for submitting comments.) The Commission meets in the City Hall Council Chamber, located at 380 A Avenue, on the first floor, beginning at 6:30 PM. The Commission will also accept oral and written testimony at its public hearing, which is tentatively scheduled for September 14, before it makes a recommendation to the City Council.