Planning Commission Meeting and Commission for Citizen Involvement Annual Meeting - May 23, 2016 **ADDITIONAL MATERIAL AVAILABLE**

Posted Wed, 05/18/2016 - 9:37am

Additional material has been added to the Interactive Agenda for Monday's Planning Commission meeting.  The information can be found under Item 8.1 Commission for Citizen Involvement-Annual Meeting.

The annual meeting provides an opportunity for the Commission to evaluate the City’s program for citizen involvement in land use planning.  This year, among other topics, the Commission may review the Citizen Involvement Guidelines for amending neighborhood association boundaries and discuss the role of homeowners associations in the land use planning program. Citizens are invited to provide comments on any issue related to citizen involvement in planning issues.

Please note that the annual meeting of the Commission for Citizen Involvement will follow the public hearing and is estimated to start at 8:30 pm or later.

To access the "Interactive Agenda" click here.