Parks, Recreation and Natural Resources Advisory Board

The mission of the Park, Recreation and Natural Resources Board is to advise and assist City Council and Staff in the city-wide provision, operation, conservation and protection of the city’s parks, open spaces, recreation facilities, community centers, programs and opportunities, natural resources and environmental quality for the health and well-being of the residents of Lake Oswego.

This Board considers and addresses the use, planning, acquisition, development, maintenance, and management of park lands and open spaces; and the policies and programs that meet community needs and preserve, restore and enhance natural areas including those that address surface water management, wildlife habitat, trees, tree groves, stream corridors, shorelines and ecologically distinctive natural areas.

Meeting Information

The Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Advisory Board meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 4pm in the Maintenance Center Willow A Room, 17601 Pilkington Road.

Eligibility & Membership

The Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources Advisory Board consists of nine regular members serving staggered three-year terms, plus two youth members appointed to a one-year term.  All members must live within the Lake Oswego Urban Services Boundary.  To see the Urban Service Boundary on LOMap, click 'Layers', then 'Boundaries', then 'USB'.

2022-23 Members

Co-Chair – Sarah Ellison (term expires 6/23)
Co-Chair – Doug McKean (term expires 6/24)
Edwin Becker (term expires 6/25)
Jason Dorn (term expires 6/23)
Kara Gapon (term expires 6/25)
Taryn Hatchel (term expires 6/24)
Angele Matt-Nickerson (term expires 6/24)
Jennifer Mozinski (term expires 6/25)
Gregory Wolley (term expires 6/23)

Youth Member – Ben Hovey (term expires 6/23)
Youth Member – Eileen Koh (term expires 6/23)

City Council Liaison – Trudy Corrigan
Staff Liaison – Ivan Anderholm, Parks and Recreation Director

Contact Information

Ivan Anderholm
Parks and Recreation Director

Dina Balogh
Administrative Assistant


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