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Open Spaces Plan

The citizens of Lake Oswego have expressed in a variety of formats a clear and strong interest in protecting and expanding those elements that contribute to the natural, cultural and aesthetic health of the community and their perception of Lake Oswego as a "village in a park," a place of physical beauty and respite from expanding regional urbanization.

The Open Space Plan, initiated in the Spring of 2000, represents an effort to consolidate the goals and recommendations expressed in these previous planning efforts, to make them even more comprehensive to suggest implementation strategies and long-term stewardship policies that are understandable and accessible to all citizens and that will guide the City over the next twenty years.  The Plan focuses on Open Space issues, and was prepared in coordination with a concurrent Park and Recreation planning effort.

One of the goals outlined in the Open Space Plan:  Prioritize and create master plans for each resource site.  These plans are necessary to protect the resource while providing the appropriate level of development, and can help guide development, by discussing appropriate land uses, vegetation management and forest management and restoration.  Not all resource lands should be actively used.  These master plans should include a resource inventory, the delineation of the natural resource boundary and an analysis of impacts of the development to the resource areas.  Master plans should also include scaled drawings showing proposed development, including the delineated natural resource boundary.

In 2000/2001 the City went through a Master Planning process for the Bryant Woods, Canal Acres and River Run Parks near the southern boundary of the City.  The Master Plan Goals for this project are as follows:

  1. Protect the environmentally sensitive lands of Bryant Woods, Canal Acres and River Run Parks, consisting of wetlands, stream corridors, and tree groves.
  2. Improve pedestrian and bicycle routes along Childs Road between Sycamore Avenue and River Run Drive.
  3. Facilitate safe pedestrian access between all three parks:  Bryant Woods, Canal Acres and River Run Park.
  4. Promote public appreciation of the beauty and ecological complexity of the parks.
  5. Create enhanced opportunities for wildlife movement in the area.
  6. Limit impacts of vehicle traffic and parking on surrounding neighborhoods.
  7. Encourage ease of access to the parks on foot.
  8. Reduce use of the parks for vandalism and illicit activities through improved security.
  9. Leave the east section of River Run Park unimproved until a later date.
  10. Minimize development of park facilities within Canal Acres Park.