Sustainability Advisory Board Application

Thank you for your interest in the City of Lake Oswego and in volunteering your time to serve on a Board or Commission.  The Boards and Commissions play an important role in helping Lake Oswego be a better community, raising citizen voices on important issues, making decisions and also advising the City Council. 

Currently, Council is recruiting candidates for 3 voting members and 2 alternates.

The Sustainability Advisory Board promotes the sustainability of the community as a whole, considering public and private actors and their effects on ecological, economic, and community systems.  The Board has nine regular members plus two members under 18 years old.  Meeting are the third Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m.  In order to fully understand the position that you are applying for, please do take the time to review the Sustainability Advisory Board's website and documents.  Also, it is strongly recommended that you attend a meeting of this board before you interview with the city council.  For meeting dates, please review the City Calendar.

No less than a majority of the members of the Sustainability Advisory Board shall be residents of the City of Lake Oswego.  Any members not residing in the City shall reside within the City's Urban Services Boundary, OR own a business located with the City, OR be employed full-time within the City.

Below is the online form to complete in order to be considered for a position.

When completing, as with any public document, please keep in mind that all information provided on this application is subject to disclosure in accordance with Oregon Public Records Law. Thank you for taking the time to pursue a volunteer assignment. It is the dedication of residents in Lake Oswego that make it what it is today.


The form has sections for All Applicants, New Applicants (person who is not currently serving on the Board/Commission for which you are applying) and Returning Board/Commission Members (currently serving on the Board/Commission for which you are applying).  Applicants will receive acceptance confirmation on the webpage upon submitting the form.  Individuals will receive email confirmation upon submitting the application.


Personal Data (All Applicants)