Building Inspection Process

To contact an inspector, please use the following email address  Please provide your name, contact number, permit number; and any questions you have.  One of the inspectors will contact you as soon as they are available. If you are calling to schedule an inspection please call 1-888-299-2821, you will need your IVR number and inspection IVR code. 

  • Once you receive your permit and begin construction, you or your contractor will need to call for inspections.  Depending on the project, you may need as few as two (2) inspections or as many as several dozen. 

  • The work must be ready for the inspection requested that day.  If it is only anticipated that the work will be ready, you should request the inspection for the following day.

  • Inspections are performed between 9 AM and 3:30 PM daily.  If you place your request prior to 7 AM that day, we will make every attempt to do a same-day inspection, otherwise it will be scheduled for the following business day.

  • Due to the nature of the inspection process it is very hard to pinpoint a specific time that the inspector will arrive.  It is suggested that you give a 2-hour window of available time either early AM; late AM; early PM; or late PM in the comment or message box.  Inspections typically start at 9 AM and last inspection to start at 3 PM.

  • The inspector will either approve the work, or write up a correction notice.  The corrections must be completed before another inspection can be requested.  Additional fees may be charged if the same inspection is called for too many times, and not corrected or if the areas to be inspected were not accessible. 

  • Your permit is valid for 180 days from the date of issuance or from the date of the most recently approved inspection.  As long as you are continuing to work on your project and calling for regular inspections, your permit stays active.  Once you have received your final building inspection approval, your permit is final and occupancy is allowed.

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