Building Permit Fee Information

  • Building permit fees are based on the type and value of the construction work. Most building permit fees are established by the State of Oregon, with administrative fees set at the local level. Fees are determined based on the valuation of the work and on the specific items of work being proposed.

  • Valuation is the term for the anticipated market value of the proposed construction project. Building permit fees include charges for all site, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, land use, fire and life safety reviews, subsequent inspections, and processing.

  • Utility permit fees are based on the specific number of fixtures, circuits, or mechanical units you are installing or altering. Please call the Permit Center at 635-0390 for specific information.

  • If your permit application is for new construction, you will also be asked to pay System Development Fees. These are collected to pay for a portion of the cost of constructing streets, sanitary and storm sewers, parks, and other public systems needed as a result of the proposed construction project. They are charged on new residential construction and may apply to commercial additions or alterations. The fees are set and allocated by the Engineering and Finance Departments and are collected at the Permit Center when a building permit is issued.

  • We are unable to give fee estimates for commercial projects because of the complexity of each project. A complete listing of all development fees is available at the Permit Center.
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