Permit Applications

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Individual Permit Applications

  • Building Permit Application (Residential or Commercial)

  • Mechanical Permit Application (Residential or Commercial)

  • Plumbing Permit Interior Work Only Application (Residential or Commercial)

  • Plumbing Permit Exterior Work Application (Residential or Commercial)

  • Electrical or Low Voltage Permit Application (Residential or Commercial)

  • Erosion Permit Application

Residential Permit Application Packets

  • Residential Demolition
  • Residential Demolition Deconstruction

  • New Residential Construction

  • Residential Alteration and/or Repair

  • Accessory Structure

Commercial Permit Application Packets

  • Commercial Application Packet
  • Fire Systems Packet
  • Commercial Electrical Packet 
  • Commercial Mechanical Packet 
  • Commercial Plumbing Packet 
  • Commercial Roofing Packet
  • Commercial Demolition