On June 15, 2010, the Lake Oswego City Council approved a Predevelopment Agreement with Foothills Road Redevelopment LLC and Williams, Dame & White – Lake Oswego LLC. The Predevelopment Agreement calls for the creation of a Framework Plan for the 107-acre Foothills District, consistent with the Vision and Planning Principles adopted by City Council. At the end of this process, the correct regulatory tools will be in place to allow for redevelopment in the district to proceed, consistent with the vision approved by the City Council. The project development team assembled by Williams/Dame & White (WDW) created a Framework Plan to guide the implementation of the vision and planning principles adopted by the City Council for the District.  On November 29, 2011, after 14 months of planning and public process, the Lake Oswego City Council adopted the Framework Plan.  This Plan, which was developed collaboratively with a Citizens Advisory Committee and District property owners, provides the guiding vision for redevelopment of the Foothills District and outlines specific recommendations on a broad array of development-related topics, including land use, transportation, floodplain, infrastructure, funding and financing, and other critical topics.

Revised Framework Plan Adopted in July 2012

Subsequent to the November 2011 adoption of the Foothills District Framework Plan, the Lake Oswego City Council voted in January 2012 to rescind their support for the extension of the Streetcar to Lake Oswego.  Because continued planning for the Streetcar was integral to the recommendations contained in the Framework Plan, Williams/Dame & White (WDW) and the project team reevaluated to determine whether a revised Plan is feasible.  Based on the outcome of the feasibility analysis, the City re-engaged the Foothills District Citizens Advisory Committee and prepared a Revised Framework Plan adopted by the City Council in July 2012.

Urban Renewal Plan and Comp Plan Map Amendment Adopted December 2012 - UR Plan Repealed February 2013

The City Council adopted the Foothills Urban Renewal Plan on December 18, 2012 and subsequently repealed it in February 2013.  The Plan established a Foothills urban renewal district and authorized $43.2 million of tax increment financing for infrastructure projects to facilitate private investment in the District.  Urban renewal funds would only be committed with a binding commitment of private development.  On a parallel track, consistent with the Foothills Framework Plan recommendations, on December 18th the Council also adopted a Foothills Mixed Use comprehensive plan map amendment, text amendment and Foothills Mixed Use Zone Standards (LOC Chapter 50). 

Project Background / Summary: 

The Foothills District is envisioned as Lake Oswego’s next great neighborhood. The 107-acre district provides a unique opportunity to connect downtown with its public waterfront – Foothills Park, Roehr Park, and Tryon Cove. Over time, the district can be redeveloped in a manner that retains Lake Oswego’s unique character and is complementary to its emerging Downtown.

In order to establish a viable vision for the Foothills District and move redevelopment efforts to reality, the City began working with a group of industrial property owners beginning in 2003 to identify the planning issues present in the District and to explore potential approaches to District redevelopment. In late 2008, the owners hired a Development Manager – Williams, Dame & White (“WDW”) to assist them in their efforts, and together the Owners and WDW worked with the City to establish a Predevelopment Agreement to kick start planning efforts in the District.

Project Updates: 

The Foothills Mixed Use comprehensive plan map amendment, text amendment and Mixed Use Zone Standards remain effective.  Rezoning of specific parcels will occur as redevelopment is ready to proceed. 




199 Foothills Drive
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Redevelopment Director Brant Williams 503-635-6138
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