Home-based Businesses

The City of Lake Oswego is home to more than 800 home-based businesses, or Home Occupations. These occupations include:

  • Consultants
  • Web-based industries
  • Music lessons
  • Contractor offices
  • And many more

All home-based businesses require a Business License from the City.

The City of Lake Oswego recognizes the needs and desires of many people to engage in small-scale business ventures, which would not be possible if it were necessary to obtain commercial space. At the same time, the City understands that business uses, if not carefully regulated, may be incompatible with residential zones. Zoning regulations may allow a person to operate a business out of his or her home, depending on the type of business activity and how the business is operated.

» For more information on the criteria, please read the Home Occupations guide (attached below).

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