Lake Grove Village Center

The Lake Grove Village Center includes nearly one mile of Boones Ferry Road frontage, from Madrona Street on the south to Kruse Way on the north. With approximately one million square feet of commercial space, the district has a variety of locally-owned, regional and national commercial uses, including retail, medical, grocery, dining, service and office. 

The Village Center serves as both a neighborhood shopping district for Lake Oswego residents as well as a dining and business service center for the nearby Kruse Way office area. Civic anchors include the Lake Grove Post Office and Lake Grove Elementary School. The district also contains over 400 multifamily and assisted living units that have developed in recent years. 

The City adopted the Lake Grove Village Center Plan in 2008 and Lake Grove Urban Renewal Plan in 2012 and is currently constructing nearly $40 million in “main street” improvements along Boones Ferry Road.

More information on the Urban Renewal District.

Information on the Boones Ferry Road Improvement Project.

Sample rendering of new intersection - Boones Ferry Road Project
Boones Ferry Road - rendering of new medians 2020