South Shore Fire Station (Station 212)

The Lake Oswego South Shore Fire Station (Station 212), located in the city’s southeast region, provides fire response services including fire safety inspection and enforcement, fire prevention and suppression, and public education and information. Station 212 is the oldest of the four Lake Oswego fire stations.

The South Shore Fire Station is old and out-of-date. The station does not meet current facility standards found at other stations within the city. The major deficiencies are associated with the building systems and envelope.

Station 212 currently includes an apparatus bay of 2,000 square feet with two overhead doors for single-sided entry. There are no drive-thru bays at this station with bays long enough to store the Department’s ladder truck. The apparatus bay accommodates 1 fire engine, 1 boat, and 1 brush truck. No administrative personnel are located here.  Station 212 has a number of significant issues that hinder the staff and the overall function of the facility. These issues are related to both the size of the facility as well as the layout.

In September 2007, Group Mackenzie completed a feasibility study for the replacement of the South Shore Fire Station utilizing the existing site and the property adjacent. Since this study was completed, the City completed the purchase of adjacent property. 

Existing Program Deficiencies

The station’s program deficiencies include the following:

• The lack of drive thru apparatus bays requires that all equipment, including the station’s single fire engine, be backed into the bays.
• The existing bay depth requires the current rescue boat to be stored  separately from the truck, causing a delay in emergency response time due to the time required to negotiate the attachment of the boat to the truck.
• There is no conditioned turn out equipment storage space outside of the apparatus bay, causing premature degradation of the equipment caused by UV light exposure.
• The facility does not adequately support staff of both genders because of co-habitation within large bunk rooms rather than in small, single bunk rooms.
• Program functions such as training, large meetings and community functions cannot be accommodated within the building.
• The EMS supply room is located within the Laundry Room as a result of a lack of space.

Project Updates: 

 In April of 2012, City Council received a Comprehensive Strategy for Funding Major Capital Facility Projects report which estimated a Station 212 replacement cost at $3.0 million.  Replacement of the facility is dependent on the adoption and implementation of a funding plan for the station in the context of all City facility needs.

Project Details
Project Contact: 
Brant Williams 503-534-4225
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