Section 3: Organization and Administration

3.1 E0_LOPR_City FTE Organization Chart

3.1.A E1_LOPR_City Staff Roles and Responsibilities

3.1.C E3_LOPR_Staff Listing Responsibilities

3.2 E0_LOPR_Administrative Offices

3.2.1 E0_LOPR_Support Services

3.3 E0_LOPR_Internal Communication

3.3.A E1_LOPR_Internal Communication Matrix

3.3 E2_EAP Monthly Newsletter_Dec 2022

3.3 E3_Communications_Marketing Email Update

3.3 E4_111622 City Manager Newsletter

3.3 E5_2017 Employee Survey Results

3.4 E0_Public Information Policy and Procedure

3.4.A E1_Public Information Designee List

3.4 E2_Public Information Manual 050217 TOC ONLY

3.4 E3_City of LO Public Records Request

3.4 E4_2023 Updated Brand Template and Email Signature

3.4 E5_LO Graphic Standards Style Guide Sept. 2022

3.4.1 E1_Communication and Sponsorship Coordinator Job Description

3.4.2 E0_Marketing & Community Relations Plan Location Reference for 3.4.2 and 3.4.3

3.4.2 E1_Section 6 Community Relations Plan (Excerpt from 3.4.3 LOPR_Marketing and Community Relations Plan)

3.4.2.A E2_LOPR_Citywide Communications and Engagement Strategy

3.4.3 E0_Marketing & Community Relations Plan (includes 3.4.2, 3.4.3, and evidence for 3.4.1

3.4.3 NEW Version 040823 with revised and addl DEST links:  3.4.3 Marketing & Community Relations Plan

3.4.3.A E1_LOPR_Sponsorship Policy

3.4.3.B E2_LOPR_Sponsorship Agreement Guidelines

3.4.3.C E3_LOPR_Banner Policy

3.4.3 E4_LO School District 2017-2025 Demographic Study E1_LOPR_Marketing Responsibility E0_LOPR_City of LO Social Media Posting Policy E1_LOPR_City of LO Social Media Guidelines and Best Practices E2_Excerpt from 3.4.3 E0_LOPR_Marketing Plan re Use of Social Media E3_ Excerpt from 3.6 E0_LOPR_Records Management Policy & Procedures re Social Media Record Mgmt

3.5 E0_LOPR_Utilization of Technology

3.5.A E1_LOPR_Information Technology Guidelines

3.5.B E2_LOPR_Personal Cell_Smart Phone Use During Work Hours

3.5.C E3_LOPR_Shared Drive Management Procedures

3.5.1 E0_LOPR Management Information Systems

3.5.1 E1_Fact Book 2021

3.6 E0_LOPR_Records Management Policy and Procedures

3.6.1 E0_LOPR_Records Disaster Mitigation_Recovery Plan_Procedures