Section 6: Programs and Services Management

6.1 E0_LOPR_Recreation Programming Plan

6.1.1 E0_LOPR_Program and Service Determinants

6.1.1.A E1_LOPR_Resident_Non-Resident Policy

6.1.1.B E2_LOPR_Activity and Service Development and Delivery Process (ASDDP)

6.1.1.B.1 E3_Pickleball Team Building Pre-Planning Checklist

6.1.1.B.2 E4_Senior Clinic Pre-Planning Checklist

6.1.1.C E5_LOPR_Cost Recovery Continuum CHART

6.1.2 E0_LOPR_Participant Involvement

6.1.2 E1_LOPR_2022 Boards and Commissions Handbook (Note..the links within this EOC doc do not work, nor on LaserFiche doc)

6.1.2 E2_Parks Board Description 2022

6.1.2 E3_Customer Excellence Results Packet FY 21-22

6.1.3 - 6.1.6 E0_LOPR_Self Directed, Leader Directed, Facilitated Programs and Services and Cooperative Programming MATRIX

6.1.6 E1_Alder Creek Program Facility Use Agreement

6.1.6 E2_Clackamas County_ACC Agreement

6.1.6 E3_LO Arts Council Agreement

6.1.6 E4_Luscher Farm Community Supported Agriculture Agreement

6.1.6 E5_Sky Hawks Youth Sports Agreement

6.2 E0_LOPR_Program Objectives

6.2.A E1_LOPR_Program and Service Measurements

6.2 E2_FY18-21 Summary Rec Division Performance Metrics

6.3 E0_LOPR_Scope of Program Opportunities

6.3.A E1_LOPR_Program Opportunities MATRIX

6.3.1 E0_LOPR_Outreach to Diverse Underserved Populations

6.3.1.A E1_LOPR_Scholarship Policy

6.3.1.B E2_LOPR_Inclusion Policy

6.3.1.C E3_LOPR_Inclusive Recreation Handbook

6.3.1.D E4_LOPR_Public Accommodation for Participation

6.4 E0_LOPR_Community Education for Leisure Process

6.4.1 E0_LOPR_Community Health and Wellness Education and Promotion (LWILO)

6.41 E1_LOPR_HEAL Cities Resolution 16-25

6.5 E0_LOPR_Code of Conduct - Participant

6.5.A E1_LOPR_Code of Conduct - Volunteer

6.5.1 E0_LOPR_Concussion Policy