City Attorney Staff

Ellen Osoinach, City Attorney
The City Attorney is chief legal counsel for the City of Lake Oswego. The City Attorney is appointed by the Mayor and City Council, and serves at the pleasure of the Council. The City Attorney is one of the three City Officers whose powers and duties are set forth in the City's home rule charter. The other two charter officers are the City Manager and the Municipal Court Judge. The charter requires the City Attorney to be a member in good standing of the Oregon State Bar and serve full-time in the office.

The City Attorney appoints and supervises the City Attorney's Office staff, which includes the Deputy City Attorneys, Legal Assistant and Legal Secretary.

In addition to administrative supervision of the office, the City Attorney serves as primary legal counsel to the City Council, City Manager and City department heads. The City Attorney attends all regular City Council meetings and drafts or reviews most ordinances, orders and resolutions that come before the City Council. The City Attorney also handles most of the City's real property transactions, drafts ballot titles and handles most legal advice on financial matters.

Evan P. Boone, Deputy City Attorney (Civil)
The Deputy City Attorney assists the City Attorney in providing legal services to the City of Lake Oswego. The Deputy City Attorney also advises the City Planning and Engineering Departments regarding development applications, and attends the hearings of the City's Development Review Commission and Planning Commission. In addition, the Deputy City Attorney reviews or drafts most City contracts and provides legal advice on contracting procedures.

The Deputy City Attorney works under the direction of the City Attorney.

Jerry C. Seeberger, Deputy City Attorney (Criminal)
The Deputy City Attorney's chief responsibility is to serve as City Prosecutor. In this role, the Deputy prosecutes crimes and municipal violations in Municipal and Circuit Courts, and provides legal advice and assistance to the City's Policy Department and City staff on criminal and ordinance enforcement matters.

The City Prosecutor works part-time and is under the direction of the City Attorney.

Cortney Madruga, Legal Assistant
Under the direction of the City Attorney, the Legal Assistant performs paralegal, secretarial and administrative support tasks for the City Attorney's Office and serves as Deputy City Recorder. The Legal Assistant also serves as Office Manager and is responsible for organizing and supervising the administrative activities of the City Attorney's Office.

In addition, the Legal Assistant also manages and publishes the Lake Oswego Charter and Code and prepares routine ordinances, resolutions and orders for City Council.

Sheila Montag, Legal Secretary
Under the general supervision of the Legal Assistant, the Legal Secretary provides secretarial and administrative support duties to the City Attorney and his staff. This position is primarily responsible for preparing municipal court cases for prosecution, subpoenaing witnesses for trial, and preparing all discovery requests for defense attorneys.