City Code & Charter

City Code and Charter of the City of Lake Oswego, Oregon

Published by the City Attorney's Office


Welcome to the City of Lake Oswego Code and Charter page. In an effort to increase citizens' access to information, we are pleased to provide the City Charter and Code Online. This version is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as the official Code or Charter. Copies of the official City Code and Charter may be obtained from the City Attorney's Office.


To View and Print Code and Charter

You may view and print the text from the list of Chapters, Articles, and Sections selected. To view entire Chapter, simply click on a Chapter or click the + symbol left of the Chapter to reveal its Articles. Next, click on the Article or the + symbol left of the Article to reveal and view the Sections listed beneath it. Click a Section title to view the text of that Section.

View the Code and Charter of the City of Lake Oswego and Code Interpretation Log.  The Reverse Index for the Community Development Code is available for review.



This document contains both the Lake Oswego Charter and Code and is current as of the date stated on the cover page and as noted in the footer on the bottom of each page.

The online Lake Oswego City Charter and Lake Oswego City Code includes all amendments codified to date. View the most recent amendment.

Note: A “hard copy” of the last printed version of the Chapter 50 Community Development Code is available for a fee of $64 or $19 for a CD copy and is available from the Community Development Planning Dept., (third floor), City Hall.



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