Lake Oswego Public Contract Index

Standard Public Contract Provisions:  The Standard Public Contract provisions are incorporated into all contracts with the City of Lake Oswego.  They include statutorily required provisions, as well as standard contract terms.

The Lake Oswego Public Contract Rules consist of the AG Model Public Contract Rules, and specific Lake Oswego additions and modification to the AG Rules. 


Public Contracting Rules:  effective August 1, 2016, for contracts first advertised on or after August 1, 2016, or if not advertised, then entered into after August 1, 2016.  (If the solicitation or execution date is before August 1, 2016, email Evan Boone for a copy of the earlier rules.)


Lake Oswego Public Contract Rules (LOPCR) Oregon Admin Rule (OAR) Lake Oswego Modification
General 137-046 LO-046
Procurement of Goods or Services 137-047 LO-047
Architects / Engineers and Related Services 137-048 LO-048
Public Improvements / Construction 137-049 LO-049
Surplus Personal Property none LO-050