City Council Meeting

Tuesday, March 7, 2023 - 4:00pm

The meeting is available to the public on the City's YouTube Channel, on the City's website, or on Tualatin Valley Community Television.

For instructions on how to provide general Public Comment regarding topics not on the agenda or that don't require a public hearing click HERE.

To speak at the meeting electronically via Zoom or by phone, please email by Noon the day of the meeting.  General written comments not related to the appeal below, can be submitted to   

**AP 23-01 - Appeal of the DRC decision to Approve the application (LU 22-0052) for a new Bus Barn at 6333 Lakeview Boulevard will begin at 5:00 p.m.**

Public Testimony:

Pursuant to LOC, only persons who testified either orally or in writing before the DRC may testify before the City Council.  No new evidence may be submitted to the City Council as this is an on the record appeal.  Written testimony is encouraged and must be submitted prior to Noon the day of the meeting.  Email written comments to:

  • Review of Quasi-Judicial Hearing Procedures by City Attorney
  • Staff Report and Supplemental Staff Report by Evan Fransted, Senior Planner
  • Applicant and Appellant will each have 15 minutes to testify
  • ​Recognized neighborhood associations, homeowner's associations, government agencies or other public interest organizations will each have 5 minutes to testify
  • Individuals will each have 2 minutes to testify 
  • Applicant will have 5 minutes for rebuttal 

**Other than Staff and the Applicant and Appellant, no multi-media presentations, pictures, slides, videos, props, or signs will be allowed due to the time limits of testimony.  This is an on the record appeal, so all testimony provided to the DRC is in the record before the City Council.** 

**To speak at the Public Hearing, please fill out a Blue request to speak card to your left as you enter Chamber and give to Kari Linder, City Recorder**

Order of Testimony:

  • Applicant - 15 minutes
  • Persons In Favor of the application
  • Appellant - 15 minutes
  • Persons Opposed to the Application
  • Persons Neutral to the Application - Neither for nor Against
  • Applicant's Rebuttal - 5 minutes

Thank you!

Lake Oswego City Hall - Council Chamber
380 A Ave 3rd Floor
Lake Oswego, OR 97034
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