Lake Oswego City Hall

Welcome to Lake Oswego City Hall!

Construction of the new City Hall was completed in September 2021. Located at 380 Avenue in downtown Lake Oswego, City Hall includes space for existing City departments including Police and 911 dispatch center, as well as public meeting places. In addition, it includes storefront space for the Lake Oswego Arts Council and the Friends of the Library’s “Booktique.”

What's in the New City Hall:

  • Police Department  (1st Floor)
  • Information Technology  (1st Floor)
  • Building Department  (2nd Floor)
  • Engineering Department  (2nd Floor)
  • Planning Department  (2nd Floor)
  • Public Information Office  (2nd Floor)
  • Arts Council  (2nd Floor)
  • Booktique  (2nd Floor)
  • City Manager’s Office  (3rd Floor) 
  • City Attorney’s Office  (3rd Floor) 
  • Council Chamber / Court Room  (3rd Floor) 
  • Finance Department  (3rd Floor) 
  • Human Resources  (3rd Floor) 
  • Municipal Court  (3rd Floor) 
  • Redevelopment Agency  (3rd Floor) 
  • Sustainability  (3rd Floor) 

Entrances & Parking:

  • The A Avenue entrance on the north end of the building has parking on A Avenue. 
  • The south entrance can be accessed through City Hall’s existing lower parking lot from 4th Street. 

Efficient & Sustainable Design

The new building’s design includes advanced air filtration throughout, providing better air quality for building occupants and visiting public. Energy efficiency was also greatly improved through the building’s engineering design, technology, and materials used. In addition, the installation and use of solar panels reduce operating costs.

Seismically Sound

Our region’s unique geology includes proximity to local fault lines and the Cascadia Subduction Zone. The new City Hall, considered an essential facility, was built to meet Category IV risk standards pursuant to Section 202 of the 2014 Oregon Structural Specialty Code. As such, it is intended to remain operational in the event of extreme environmental event, including flood, wind, snow or earthquake.


  • The new building was designed to be 30% more efficient than a building of the same size under Oregon Code (HVAC, Envelope and Lighting). The building has an energy use intensity (EUI) of 38, which is very good for a building that is open 24/7. The EUI (a measurement of a building’s annual energy consumption relative to its gross square footage) of a similar baseline building meeting the energy code would typically be 65, a net zero building would be 22. 
  • City Hall was designed following the City High Performance Building Guideline and is LEED v4 Gold Certifiable (U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). 
  • 100% of the building’s power comes from green power. Solar Panels on roof supply 6% of total building. 1.5% of the project cost went towards solar panels on the roof and on sun shading devices (with integrated solar panels) on the south and east elevations.
  • Carpets, paints and other materials used on the interior of the building are low/no VOC (volatile organic compounds).
  • 75-90% of the total construction and demolition material was diverted from the landfill (based on weight). Additionally, to further reduce waste, any surplus furniture or other items were offered for reuse, donated or sold.
  • There are 4 electric charging stations for City and public vehicles on the upper parking deck and 2 in the secure police garage, 7 green parking spaces, and 6 carpool spaces.
  • The new building system includes: a 97% efficient gas water heater (vs. 80% required); a 20% reduction indoor lighting from code requirement; and an energy efficient envelope (windows/insulation).
  • The new City Hall also meets Clackamas County Leaders in Sustainability Gold certification requirements, as well as the City’s own Sustainability and Climate Action plan recommendations.

At 73,000 square feet, the new City Hall provides a seismically safe, energy efficient and better functioning building for the community and City staff. 

City Hall is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. except for holidays.

Lake Oswego City Hall - Mackenzie photos by Christian Columbres 2021 1
Lake Oswego City Hall - Mackenzie photos by Christian Columbres 2021 2
Lake Oswego City Hall - Mackenzie photos by Christian Columbres 2021 3
Lake Oswego City Hall - Mackenzie photos by Christian Columbres 2021 4
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