Mission & Values

In 2021, the City as an organization went through a process of updating its mission and values. 

We recognize that healthy organizations align around a shared sense of purpose, a clear sense of how they work, and around what good decisions look like. Our mission expresses the work we actually do and our values communicate how we do it.  


Cultivate an exceptional quality of life for everyone in our community. 



We treat everyone with respect and value a diverse, inclusive and welcoming community and organizational culture. We are committed to equitable treatment and elimination of discrimination in all its forms at all organizational levels.


We cultivate growth within high performing teams through being  creative and innovative leaders in our respective professions. We support a culture where people celebrate successes and learn from our challenges.


We value the public’s trust and will endeavor to always be worthy of it through ethical actions and good stewardship of resources. We believe good governance relies on transparency, and an open, honest, fair, and inclusive decision-making process. 


Our approach to customer service is relationship centered and focused on being responsive, responsible, and reasonable.  We believe that the residents, businesses, and visitors to Lake Oswego should receive the highest quality public services.