Public Records Requests

The City Recorder’s office maintains the legislative history, documents, and public records of the city. Individuals have a right to review public records of a public entity, as provided in ORS 192.  The City of Lake Oswego has many digital records available and searchable at no cost including meeting agendas and materials, as well as, historical documents such as Ordinances and Resolutions.

To begin your search, click here to access our Public Records repository.

To browse previously issued Building Permits and Records, click HERE.  

Records not available by a website search can be requested through an online Public Records Request form. These requests will be routed to the department that is in custody of those records for fulfillment.  When filling out the request, please select the department that is appropriate for your request to get the fastest possible response.

Per state law, the City will follow response timelines set forth under ORS Ch. 192. Within five business days City staff will acknowledge receipt of your records request and advise of the custody status of the requested public record.  If it is estimated that the fee to locate and make the records available for inspection and/or copying will exceed $25, you will be advised and a deposit of the estimated fee will be required before City records are searched and/or photocopied.  No later than ten business days after the date the request is acknowledged by staff or the deposit, if required, is paid, whichever occurs later, City staff will complete its response to the public records request or provide a written statement that the City is still processing the request, along with a reasonable estimated date by which City staff expects to complete its response.

If any portion of the requested materials are not provided or are redacted, the requester may seek review of the City’s determination pursuant to ORS 192.450, 192.460, 192.465, 192.480 and 192.490.

Contact Information

Kari Linder
City Recorder | City Manager's Office

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