Public Records Request Form (General Requests)

Complete this form to request a public record for general City matters. Please use the correct corresponding form for Police, 911, Engineering, Planning or Building matters to facilitate the fastest possible response.

Routine requests are handled within each department. More complex written requests are forwarded to the City Attorney for response. The City Attorney’s response is pursuant to the City of Lake Oswego’s policy for requests, inspection and copying of City Records. A copy of the policy is available for your review. In most cases, there is a fee charged for providing this service. Fees are detailed in the City's Master Fees and Charges. Payment of the fee for meeting your request must be received before the requested materials are released. The City Recorder provides an estimate of the fee for your request.


Research Time: $20/per 15 minutes
Photocopies: $0.25 per page
DVD/CD: $19 1st copy/$16 additional
Flash Drives: $6/$12/$20 (8/16/32 GB)

Provide a brief statement describing the requested information/record(s), being specific enough for the City to determine the nature, content and probable department within which the record(s) you are requesting may be located.