Women's History Month 2023 - Shawn Ishihara

Shawn Ishihara, born and raised in Hawaii, has worked for the City of Lake Oswego for 4 years and is an Accountant in the Finance Department. 

Here are a few words from Shawn (now an Oregonian, but always Hawaiian at heart):

When asked "What advice would I give my younger self?" 

Pick a career that you enjoy, work hard, accept people for who they are and don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s important to know that hard work does make a difference.  

This advice motivates me to excel in my work and enjoy the relationships with co-workers. There is satisfaction in a job well done. 

On Women's History Month

Women’s History Month makes me realize that there are countless women before me who have sacrificed, fought for equality and opened doors for me - I thank them. I’ve met so many amazing people within this City including strong women who excel at their jobs and are excellent role models. 

In the workforce, I feel women are more emotionally able to connect with people because of their natural ability to nurture. Women are strong, good listeners and good communicators. We have the essential qualities to develop strength in the work place at all levels.

When not working, Shawn and her family enjoy going for drives without a destination - discovering new places, seeing new things. On an island where you've lived most of your life, you don't have these opportunities - you pretty much know where you are going and what you’ll see, unless you jump on an airplane.  

Shawn also enjoys bundling up and playing in the snow (or being in front of a fire and watching it fall) and spending as much time as possible with her new grandbaby.  


Photo: Shawn enjoying the snow - something she didn't find in her native Hawaii.