Clackamas Wildfires 2020

Be Informed! Be Ready! Be Safe!

To stay connected and get the latest emergency alerts, register for Clackamas County Public Alerts.

As of 9/29/2020, Clackamas County has lifted evacuation orders for all of Clackamas County.

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Prohibited Activities Pursuant to State of Emergency

The City declared a State of Emergency effective September 11, 2020 at 11:59 am. The Lake Oswego City Council ratified the declaration at a special meeting on Saturday, September 12, 2020. It was in effect until 5 p.m. on Tuesday, September 15, 2020. Although activities under the emergency declaration are now permitted - including use of lawn equipment and outdoor smoking - it is important to continue to limit activities that cause a spark as fire risk and poor air quality remain in the community.  To keep safe, please follow the helpful tips listed below.  

Helpful Tips

To help our firefighters on the frontline and prevent a fire here in Lake Oswego, here are some helpful Do’s and Don’ts to consider:


✅ Get your kit together and family evacuation plan ready 

✅ Monitor emergency services websites  and Clackamas County on social media

✅ Be ready to react to evacuation level changes

✅ Limit time outside

✅ Keep your doors and windows closed to avoid smoke

✅ Limit travel

✅ Donate financially to Red Cross or volunteer at an evacuation shelter

✅ Reduce water use – save for fighting fires!

✅ Call or text your neighbors to check in with them

✅ Maintain physical distancing and wearing a face covering

✅ Rake, sweep or move debris, vegetation or combustible items away from your home or buildings

✅ Clean gutters and limb up trees away from roof lines

✅ Save 911 for emergency calls only

✅ Sign up for Public Alerts


❌ Have recreational burns

❌ Use any gas, electric or battery powered yard maintenance or construction equipment

❌ Enter closed areas

❌ Call 911 if you see smoke

❌ Smoke outside

❌ Water your home – save water for fires!

Lake Oswego's Drinking Water Remains Safe to Drink

Our Lake Oswego-Tigard drinking water remains safe and reliable to drink and our treatment plant remains fully functional. There are a number of small water systems in Clackamas County (Mt Hood Hwy 26 area) that issued boil water notices due to pressure losses and power outages. Click here for a list of these areas. 

Water demands in the areas closest to the fires have increased dramatically. Please, do your part and reduce your water use. This will allow our treatment plant and other Clackamas River Water Providers to ensure the region has enough water available for fire suppression, to support our firefighters, and the life safety of our neighbors who are heavily impacted by the fires.

For more information, visit the Clackamas River Water Providers website. 

How to Help

Special thanks to all of our community members offering to help and donate to our friends and neighbors experiencing hardship, grief, and loss during the wildfires. 

For those with the means to give – either through donations or volunteer service – visit this portal created by Clackamas County. 

Please do not bring physical supplies or donations to any Lake Oswego Fire stations, shelter sites, or firefighting camps.


We know this situation can cause fear and anxiety.  Please take care of yourself and your family.

Contact Information

Lake Oswego Public Information Office

Clackamas County Donations and Needs Requests

Clackamas County Call Center (Fire & Evacuation Information)

Regional Information

Clackamas County Crisis and Support Line

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