Storm Recovery & Debris Resources

Our community has just faced a historic storm with extreme winds, freezing temperatures, thousands of power outages, and unfathomable tree damage.

A huge thank you to our community, neighbors that took care of each other, and City staff for going above and beyond and persevering through it all. 

We are now all working on cleanup and recovery efforts. Remember, we are all in this together. We ask everyone to be patient and help contribute where you can in restoring our community. 

Community Debris Clean-up Events

The City held two Community Debris Clean-up events on January 26 and 27. These successful events allowed community members to drop off storm-related tree debris free of charge. Thank you to the City staff and volunteers who supported these events and to all the community members who helped their neighbors.

Additional Self-Haul Debris Options

There are 4 convenient options for Lake Oswego residents to haul yard debris from the recent storm:

If you have specific questions, please call the business directly or check out their website. 

You can find additional businesses that accept yard debris in the greater Portland area by using Metro’s online “Find a Recycler” tool:

Neighborhood Drop-boxes

The City also has a neighborhood drop-box (dumpster) program in partnership with Republic Services that neighborhood associations and community groups can apply for a free drop-box for cleanup events. This could also be used for storm debris. This would be a great opportunity for neighbors to coordinate on location, volunteers, and those who have hauling abilities to collect. Organize your neighborhood and submit an online application!

Dumpster Rental

You can also rent a dumpster from Republic Services by contacting them at 503-636-3011. Please note that the City of Lake Oswego has an exclusive franchise agreement with Republic Services that prohibits third-party haulers, including private company dumpsters, from operating within the city. 

Fallen Trees

If you have a tree that has fallen on your property, it is your responsibility to arrange for its removal. Please contact a professional arborist or tree company for assistance. This website - - can help you find a company.

Our City crews cannot remove trees on private property. The City needs to prioritize keeping our roadways open for emergency access, and ensuring our facilities and parks are safe from tree hazards.

Removal and disposal of private trees, branches, and debris remain the responsibility of the property owner. Please do not move tree debris into the public right-of-way, including streets and sidewalks.

Tree Permits

If you have a tree that has already fallen, you do not need a permit. 
For trees on your property
If the situation is an emergency and the tree is in Imminent danger of falling (the tree is newly leaning, cracked or splitting, has soil heaving at the base, or is slumped over on another tree or on a structure, etc.), then:

  1. Take photos 
  2. Take the necessary steps to remove the tree or otherwise abate the emergency condition 
  3. Obtain a free Emergency Tree Permit within 7 days of removal

If a tree has not fallen down, but is leaning or is storm-damaged, a Hazard Tree Removal Permit may or may not be required prior to removal. With clear photos, a hazard evaluation from a risk assessor qualified arborist may not be required. Our Planning Department is here to help answer any questions, please call 503-635-0270 or email sends e-mail) 

For trees on City property and right-of-way
For concerns regarding hazardous trees on City property and in the right-of-way, contact the Public Works Department at 503-635-0280.
For trees on HOA/neighboring property
For concerns regarding hazardous trees on other private property, contact the property owner.

Home Damage - Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs can be undertaken right away, but a permit application must be submitted to the Building Department within a certain timeframe, typically 3-5 days depending on the type of work. 

Contact the Building Department as soon as possible at 503-635-0290 or Permit Applications | City of Lake Oswego for specific guidance.