Maps & Parking

Parking:  Parking may be limited at all concert venue sites. We recommend carpooling and parking at the sites listed below.

Lake Oswego Golf Course:  Parking available at Hazelia Field (17800 Stafford Road), Lakeridge High School (1235 Overlook Drive), C3 Church (17979 SW Stafford Road) and at Church of Jesus Christ LDS (1271 Overlook Drive).  Golf course parking is reserved for handicap and musicians only. 

Foothills Park: Parking available in the public parking lot at Roehr Park (350 Oswego Point Drive), Thor's Auto Body (299 Foothills Road), Toklat Originals (115 Foothills Road), and Willamette Shore Trolley (311 N State Street). Handicap parking available at Oswego Pointe Condominiums (5065 Foothills Drive). Please do not park at Oswego Pointe Apartments and be respectful of neighbors and businesses.

Westlake Park: Parking available in the lots at Westlake Park (one lot on Melrose, one lot on Bunick) and in the neighborhood where marked. Please respect neighborhood residents and do not block driveways, mailboxes, etc.

Millennium Plaza Park: Parking available at Lake View Village (via First Street), The Windward (via First Street), City Hall (380 A Avenue) and in the neighborhood where marked. 

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