Fish on the Run, Irrigation Done!

For the fifth year in a row, Lake Oswego and the Clackamas River Water Providers are are asking our customers to help keep water in the Clackamas River by participating in our “Fish On the Run, Irrigation Done!” annual summer watering campaign.

The Clackamas River provides high-quality drinking water to more than 300,000 people – including Lake Oswego customers - and is home to migrating salmon year-round. While we haven’t had an overly hot summer, we haven’t had significant rainfall for months, and the river levels are very low.

This year we begin the campaign with the Water Conservation Meter in red, which means the river levels are significantly low and we all need to “Reduce or turn off outdoor watering to keep water in the in the river for the Coho and Fall Chinook species.”

Red conservation actions:

  • Shut down all outdoor watering, spot water when needed
  • Take your car to a carwash that recycles the water
  • Shut off all outdoor water features
  • DO not allow water to run off driveways, sidewalks, or down the street

You are the key to reducing how much water we take out of the river! Whether you use a hose or have an underground watering system to water your yard and garden, let’s make sure there is enough water for the fall fish runs by reducing or shutting off outdoor watering by early September. The more water we can conserve, the easier this journey will be for these threatened and endangered salmon species.

Visit to learn more and take the pledge to receive a free yard sign letting neighbors know what you are doing to keep water in the Clackamas River for fish.

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