Free Water Audits Available

One of the most important things a homeowner can do to save water is make sure equipment is functioning appropriately and efficiently.  Watering your yard is the main way water is lost either through overwatering or inefficient systems. The city offers free water audits to help community members find ways to use less water.   Water audits are performed during the spring and summer seasons when watering yards begin.  Assistance with understanding water-efficient appliances, conservation tools, and leak detection is also available.

What is a Water Audit?

Saving money and saving water is what a water audit is all about.  During a visit to your home or business, the city's water conservation specialist will assess the water using equipment both inside and outside the home and offer suggestions to help improve how water is managed to save money and resources.

The water conservation specialist won't look specifically for leaks but can generally detect if a leak exists and often it's most likely location.  When finished, a list of recommendations to help you begin to make changes will be provided.  An audit will identify problems and provide solutions.  This service is offered to any Lake Oswego water customer free of charge.

Most residents who have had an audit and followed through with some or all of the recommendations enjoy summertime water savings of 20% or more. High water use customers and those whose bill is typically in tier 2 or 3 are strongly encouraged to call and set up an appointment. Customers who have received an audit in previous years do not qualify for another.

Water Audits Not Performed During Rainy Months

Water audits are not performed during the rainy months because the majority of water loss and inefficiency is generally due to yard watering habits and tools. During the rainy months, or even when there is periodic rain, customers are encouraged to discontinue watering as it is not necessary for the health of the yard.

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