Free Water Audits - Back in May

One of the most important things that a homeowner can do to save water is make sure that equipment is functioning appropriately and is efficient.  The City offers free Water Audits to help citizens find ways to use less water.   Water audits are performed during the spring and summer seasons when watering yards begin.  Watering your yard is the main way that water is lost either through overwatering or inefficient systems.  The Water Conversation Specialist can also help someone with understanding water-efficient appliances, conservation tools, and leak detection, many times over the phone.

What is a Water Audit?

Saving money and saving water is what a water audit is all about.  During a visit to your home or business, the City's Water Conservation Specialist, Kevin McCaleb, will assess the water using equipment both inside and outside your home.  The Water Conservation Specialist will offer suggestions to help improve the way you manage your water so you can save money and resources.

Though the Water Conservation Specialist won't look specifically for leaks, he can generally detect if a leak exists and often it's most likely location.  When finished, he will provide you with a copy of the recommendations to help you begin to make changes.  An audit will identify not only the problems but solutions as well.  This service is offered to any Lake Oswego water customer for FREE!

Most residents that have had an audit and followed through with some or all of the recommendations are enjoying summertime water savings exceeding 20% an more. Customers that are high water users and whose bill is typically in tier 2 or 3 are strongly encouraged to call and set up an appointment. Customers that have received an audit in previous years will not qualify for another.

Water Audits Not Performed During Rainy Months

Water audits are not performed during the rainy months because the majority of water loss and inefficiency can be found from yard watering habits and tools. During the rainy months, or even when there is periodic rain, customers are urged to discontinue watering as it is not necessary for the health of the yard.

Scheduling began will return in May 2022

Call Kevin McCaleb at 503.675.3747 to set up an appointment.

If you would like to receive a notice that Water Audits are being scheduled and receive information on any new free conservation item available please sign up for the Conservation e-news subscription at Signing up will help you remember to review and implement conservation measures before the summer months arrive and water usage increases.

COVID-19 Audit Safety Protocols (L.O./Tigard)

Thank you for participating in a water conservation audit.  During this time, we want to make sure to protect the safety and health of our City residents and our employees and commit to following the guidelines below.  Thank you for assisting us with the following guidelines:

  • There will be no indoor audits at this time.
  • Request for audits may be made by phone or email. (please include a phone number)
  • Scheduling for the audit may be done by phone (preferred) or by email.
  • Customers and City employees will be asked to follow all City, State, and County guidelines in place for COVID-19. (appropriate distancing, masks when in close proximity, no physical contact, etc.)
  • Auditor will wear a mask that covers the mouth and nose during any interaction with customers.
  • Social distancing: please maintain a 6ft distance between each person
  • Customers or appointed representatives will meet the auditor outside the home or office at the scheduled appointment time.
  • Auditor will wear a City of Lake Oswego name badge for identification, no business card nor any other paperwork or accessories will be handed out.
  • Upon arrival, and during the audit, Controllers and other equipment handled or operated by the auditor will be sanitized. (Auditor will carry Lysol wipes)
  • Audit form for residential assessments will be filled out in person and discussed with the customer.
  • Customer copies will be scanned and distributed via email from the office.
  • Commercial audit data will be collected and report formatted off-site.
  • These Protocols to be in place until notified by management of any changes